Many sorrows shall be to the wicked:
but he that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.

Psalms 32:10

When a qualified, well-educated man/woman is unable to secure a good job or has problems retaining a good job, there is the likelihood that the following dreams are the normal occurrence in his life. When you are always disappointed at every job interview you are invited to, then check your dream life.

Dream Cases

  • Dream of falling from a ladder or from a great height.
  • Dream of traveling and vehicle having problems and thus unable to get to the destination.
  • Dream of harvesting pepper (Chili).
  • Dream of getting to T junction and being confused and stranded.
  • Dream of a door shutting or slamming against you.
  • Regular wet dreams.
  • Writing examination and failing in your dream.
  • Harvesting fruits in your dream that became rotten.
  • Given a cutlass in your dream that is dull and cannot clear your field.
  • When soldiers, police waylay you and prevent you from passing a particular road.
  • When cows, dogs, and wild animals pursue you in the dream.
  • When a masquerade pursues regularly in your dream.
  • Dream of seeing self inside rooms without doors and windows.
  • Seeing chains, padlock, handcuffs in your dream.
  • Being attacked by cobwebs both in the dream and real life.
  • Always packing snails or crab in your dream.
  • Always fighting unknown faces in your dream.
  • Being arrested by police in your dream.
  • When you eat and drink in your dream.
  • When you find yourself in a strange court being judged.
  • If you find yourself always clothed in dirty clothes or olden days attire in your dream.
  • You are looking for your certificate in the dream and you never found it until you woke up.
  • Traveling in your dream but you disembarked before you got to your destination and thus became stranded.
  • Wanted to climb a ladder but the ladder was discovered to be broken in your dream.
  • Find yourself completely naked in the dream.
  • Seeing a particular tree, river or shrine in your dream.
  • Seeing cooking pots, walking barefooted in your dream

Case 1

A brother was prayed for in our deliverance program. He came back to narrate his dreams. He saw a very old woman who had the semblance of his mother carrying a pot of pepper, going into the thick forest. She saw her stopped in front of a mysterious tree and she began to make incantations.
Finally, she said, this is the glory of … (she mentioned the name of her son) I have converted your glory to pepper, let the tree open, so that I can hide it inside. The brother stated that before his very eyes in his dream. The tree opened and this wicked woman hid the glory (pepper) inside the tree. Then he woke up. The Youngman was given another week to pray some acidic prayers. After about 6 months this man’s mother died mysteriously. Then doors began to open for the Youngman. As at the time of going to the press. This brother is a landlord praise the Lord Jesus!


Every leg fastened in a sure place against your progress shall be destroyed in the name of Jesus

Case 2

A contractor lamented bitterly that, he was not getting contracts any longer from the places where he had registered as a contractor. We asked him to tell us about his dream, experience. Then he said he noticed that for the past one year, whenever a contract was about sailing through, he would have sex in the dream and then the contract will fail to materialize! He was asked to pray against the powers that use the pleasure of sex to corner destiny and glory according to the order of Samson and Delilah. The testimony is that; one of his old friends called him on the phone and ask him to tender for a job in his own company. He got the contract and other doors began to open for him. Praise Master Jesus.


Every dream of sexual manipulations to steal your prospective blessings is terminated now in the name of Jesus.

Case 3

A sister called us on the phone and related her dreams. She was invited for an interview by the consular officer of an embassy. But the night before she would appear for the interview, she had a dream where she was writing examinations. She failed the examination in the dream. Unfortunately, rather than differ the interview for another day so as to pray, she went for the interview and was promptly refused the visa!


Wicked powers projecting against your destiny to bring you into disappointment is arrested now in the name of Jesus.

Case 4

A Young man well-read with a good master’s degree, suddenly discovered that is contemporaries were always ahead of him, to worsen his matter without any prior notice, he put in his resignation with his employers. After about 4 months his foolishness dawn on him. Prayers were made for him and he informed us that he normally sees himself putting on olden – days attire in his dream. This is the spirit of backwardness and stagnancy.
Deliverance prayers were made for him and the testimony is that he got a juicy job without writing any letter of employment! Jesus is Lord.


That spirit of demotion operating through dreams is arrested now in the name of Jesus.

Say after me

  • O Lord fight my battle to finish in the name of Jesus as Jehovah Sabaoth.
  • Every battle of my father’s house that has vowed that I will not excel die by fire in Jesus name.
  • O Lord let every spiritual limitation of siege and embargos placed upon my life be destroyed in Jesus name.
  • I command every anti-progress altars being erected against me to catch fire in Jesus name.
  • I command every hunter of my glory to die by fire in Jesus name.
  • O God, that answereth by fire, let the ladder of my glory be restored, as you restored that of Jacob at Bethel in Jesus name.
  • Every evil hand that has tampered with my glory, destiny, virtue, potential, and star, wither – off in Jesus name.
  • I command every demonic court where my glory is being judged to scatter by thunder in Jesus name.
  • By fire, let every spiritual filthy garment covering me be removed and catch fire according to the order of Hezekiah the Priest in Jesus name.
  • I command the arresters of my progress to be arrested and roasted by the Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.



  • Your glory shall not be buried, receive the fire of resurrection, come alive now in Jesus name.
  • In the name of Jesus I disembark you from every spiritual fruitless journey.
  • I break every curse of vanity affecting your destiny in Jesus name.
  • Let the mighty hands of the Lord catapult you to the mountain of my testimonies in Jesus name.
  • I withdraw your certificate from witchcraft judgment and witchcraft prisons in Jesus name.
  • I command every power postponing the day of your joy to die by fire in Jesus name.
  • Every mouth that is cursing your blessings be silenced permanently in Jesus name.
  • Let the mercy of the Lord locate you and make way for you in the court of men in Jesus name.
  • Let the Lord ordain victory for your Jacob, let my victories and success begin to manifest by fire in Jesus name.
  • I command all demonic night caterers, who are feeding you I order to steal your blessings according to the order of Jacob and Saul, to be arrested and sentenced to death in Jesus name.
  • I call forth your job by fire according to the order of Lazarus and Jesus (21x) in Jesus name.



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