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Dream Job secured:

I got to the United Kingdom over three years and couldn’t secure a job. I became very frustrated. I was lamenting to a friend of...

Got A scholarship to study abroad:

I am pleasantly surprised about what God did in my life. I was in the Dream Deliverance Service in Lagos at JLM headquarters. After...

Hemorrhoid disappear:

I was invited to one the 2 day Dream conference Global at Lagos. I came with excruciating pains because of Hemorrhoid. On the last...

Victory over dream battles

My wife & i found ourselves in my late Eldest brother’s house.
I found myself sitting IN THE LIVING ROOM, but my wife was sitting...

Menstruation Restored:

Was not Menstruating in Real but was always losing Blood in her dream. She got in contact with Gods servant through the,website and...

24 hours Job Restoration:

I Had a dream that a dog bit his hands.The man of God told him that the enemy is planing to steal his Job...

Juicy job after Many Years:

I have been looking for Jobs for the past 10 years. I went for several,interviews and was never invited back. Praise God, In July...

victory over battles

I have a "Dream-testimony" which i believe is a "token for good" that our 5 Sessions of Prayer warfare have not been in vain! I...

Had dream that a friend’s dog bit my hands.

Dream Testimonies. Had dream that a friend's dog bit my hands. You interpreted the dream and gave me recovery prayers. Indeed God is powerful and daddy...

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