to enlighten you against the wiles of the devil against your marriage.
to provoke you to fight for your marriage and recover it in the name of Jesus

For the bed is too short to stretch out on, And the covering so narrow that one cannot wrap himself in it.
Isa 28:20

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you
have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children
Hos 4:6

Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.
Mark 10:9
We have been opportune to interview many women who are victims of broken marriages concerning their dreams.
Virtually all of them have regretted not dealing with the dreams attacks that they had before started having challenges in their marriage.
My prayer is that you will not lose before you learn in the name of Jesus.
If you experience some of the under mentioned dreams, get ready to deal with the spiritual enemies of your marriage through these acidic prayers.
Dream Cases
Dream of living in a house with a removed roof.
Dream of losing your shoes as a woman.
Dream of looking for your wedding gown or ring.
Dream of traveling with your spouse then suddenly, you are looking for him or her.
Dream of fighting with another man or woman in your bedroom.
Dream of another man or woman sleeping with you on your matrimonial bed.
Dreamt that you packed your load away from your matrimonial home.
Dreamt that a whirl-wind took away your headgear.
Dreamt that another woman was spoon-feeding your husband in your dream.
Dreamt that a river separated you from your spouse. You try calling at the other bank but your partner could not hear you.
You are married yet you saw yourself doing a wedding with another strange person in your dream.
Dreamt that your spouse wanted to kill you with a knife or a dangerous object.
Dreamt that your spouse is having the image of a monster, very terrifying.
See yourself breastfeeding strange children in your dream.
Always dreaming of strange people warning and fighting you because of your spouse with a threat to kill you.

Case 1
A young wife had a dream that she was looking for her wedding gown, but she saw it in the dustbin. She woke up and did not tell anyone or do anything spiritual to counter the dream. Exactly 3 months after this dream, the husband packed out of their matrimonial home!
I Prophesy
Every wicked power from the pit of hell scheming to scatter your marriage is scattered now in Jesus name.
Case 2
A woman lamented, that before she lost her loving husband to another woman, she use to have a dream where she would fight with a fair in complexion women, who was always sleeping in between her and her husband on their matrimonial bed in the dream. She later found out that her husband was keeping another home in another state with another woman (actually fair in complexion).
I Prophesy
Every wicked plan from the pit of hell designed to steal your husband’s heart shall fail in the name of Jesus
Case 3
A lady lost her marriage through mysterious, circumstances to the husband’s secretary, who by any standard was not in her class. Her husband hated the ground she stepped on! After much prayers of deliverance, the same husband suddenly called her on phone to come and collect the school fees of their children whom he abandoned for 3 years. This lady went to her husband’s office, and she told us excitedly like a newly wedded wife that the husband made love to her in his office. Then after the session exclaimed “Have you done deliverance? Because I use to see the image of a monster anytime I wanted to have fun with you in those days. This man was not even a believer!
I Prophesy
Every image used to scare away your spouse shall catch fire now in Jesus name.
Wicked powers projecting your image in a negative way shall perish in the name of Jesus

Say after me:
O Lord scatter every evil gang up against my marriage in Jesus name.
Let every witchcraft coven where my marriage is being judged receive the thunder fire of God in Jesus name.
Every Satanic scheme to destroy my marriage fails woefully in the name of Jesus.
I command every spiritual marriage contending with my marriage to scatter by fire in Jesus name.
Every arrow of divorce fired into my heart and my marriage jumps out now by fire in Jesus name.
I command every wicked evil marriage breakers hired to curse my marriage to die suddenly by fire in Jesus name.
O Lord let every manipulation against my marriage be destroyed in Jesus name.
I command every strange fire kindled against my marriage to be doused in the name of Jesus.
Every power of candle and incense used to chain my spouse to another person be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
Every power projecting evil images against me to cause disaffection to be paralyzed in Jesus name.
Where ever my name is being called for evil O Lord answer by fire in Jesus name.
Let every evil summon to judge me and my marriage backfire in Jesus name.
I command every witchcraft pot of divorce being prepared for me to catch fire in Jesus name.
I refuse to destroy my home with my hands in Jesus name.

I Prophesy
Every man and woman who has vowed to put your marriage asunder shall be put asunder in Jesus name.
Every strange fire kindled anywhere on earth to bewitch your spouse is doused now in Jesus name.
Whatever the wicked have used the serpent to do against you and your spouse to cause enmity is neutralized by the blood of Jesus.
I command the earth to rebel against every evil done on you to scatter your marriage in Jesus name.
I invoke the Holy Ghost fire of renewal and revival to fall upon your marriage from today in Jesus name.
In the name of Jesus I rekindle the fire of first love that the enemy has quenched in my marriage.
I command the strongman sent to destroy your marriage to receive paralysis and die in Jesus name.


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