This dream may mean any of the following depending on the scenario in the dream. It could mean that the spirit of death has been mandated to have you, especially if the encounter involved an embrace or deep welcome by the dead.

It could also mean that your benefit is being withheld by the demon in charge of the life of the deceased. If you observe that the spirit is avoiding you yet you keep seeing it, it means you are practicing necromancy which the Lord forbids.


Necromancy is a connection with the dead. It is an abomination before God and you must be anfry to cut-off any link you have with the dead, especially when you notice that you speak with a beloved relative, spouse etc.

Communicating with the dead is actually communicating with demons. For it is appointed for a man to die once and after comes judgement. No spirit comes back but lying and familiar spirits. You must be violent in your prayer approach.

I suggest a 3-day prayer exercise with fasting.


  1. I disengage myself from the land of the dead by fire
  2. I destroy and break every covenant with lying demons of the dead
  3. I reject death, hell and grave in Jesus name
  4. Holy Ghost fire… 7x separate my life from the dead by fire
  5. I declare, I shall not die but live in Jesus name
  6. Let the life of Christ in me swallow death completely
  7. I reject and return any property of the dead in my life by fire!



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