1)Those who dream and are being fed with all manners of food .

2)Those who are experiencing sexual intercourse in their dreams.

3)Those who have just concluded a Serious spiritual  Prayer Exercise.

4)Those who Expecting Breakthrough And good-news.

5)Those who have just challenged the enemy in his Domain.

6)Those who  who have just gone to pray for the power of God.

7)Those who have just undergone deliverance Prayers.


1)To assume that when blessing is coming the devil should do nothing.(Dan10:13)

2)That when we attack him he shouldn’t  counter our Attack.

3)That when we Receive Hot deliverance he shouldn’t Negotiate our Bondage.

Prayer of repentance;

1)Mercy of God locate  my life now ijn.

2)Any sin that I committed that has become a ladder for the enemy,o lord have mercy.

3)Where ever I have broken the Edge for the serpent to bite ,blood of Jesus seal it back now ijn.

4)Blood  of Jesus dismantle every satanic strongholds in my life be ijn.


1)arise o lord and your  enemies will scatter.

2)Deliver me ,fire of the Holy Ghost.

3)Any tragedy fashioned against me .

4)Evil arrow go back to your sender.


1)Drink anointing oil.(the one has been prayed upon)

2)Anoint your stomach and forehead.


1)Every satanic initiation through evil food in dream be nullified by blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

2)I destroy every snake meal and it’s effect, in my life in Jesus name.

3)By the power of the cross I crush the Head of serpentine and marine powers. in Jesus name

4)Evil marks in my body be washed away by the blood of Jesus. in Jesus name

5)Evil deposit in body catch fire and be destroyed. in Jesus name

6)Marine powers pursuing after me Receive the fire of the Holy ghost now in Jesus name.

7)Wicked Altars and wicked priest of marine and serpentine Kingdom fall down and Jesus name

8)Jehovah sabaoth7x take over this battle Jesus name

9)By the Anointing oil, I neutralize every effect of deposits in my body through food in the Jesus name

10)Summon all satanic night caterers to fall down and Jesus name

11)I challenge my body ,soul and spirit with the fire of the Holy Ghost as a barricade in Jesus name.

12)Wicked mirror used to monitor and project against my life be destroyed now in Jesus name.

13)Wicked congregation waiting for my downfall you lied fall down and die now in Jesus name.

14)I declare that Jesus is my Savior and my Lord. I declare that my soul, my life is hid in Christ in God in Jesus name.

15)I declare where ever my name is being mentioned for evil let the thunder judgment of God answer in Jesus name

16)where are my Warrior Angels ,Arise and fight my battles now in Jesus.

17)O God of covenant ,Arise and defend your covenant in my life in Jesus name.

18)Wicked powers that have touched  me by way of evil-summon and projection, your time is up fall down and Jesus name.

19)Anywhere my matter is being handled in witchcraft ,Marine and Occult be destroyed by the Fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name

20)Wicked powers that are Networking to destroy me and my family members you failed ,fall down and die now in Jesus name

21)Holy Ghost fire (.7x)  fortify my life and family with your Fire in Jesus name.

22)I command all the Evil intentions of this dream-attack to be Neutralized now by Fire in Jesus name

24)Every sexual assault against me and my spiritual life backfire now in Jesus name.

25)Every spiritual sexual predators in my dream fall down and die in Jesus name

26)I challenge my body ,soul and spirit with Holy Ghost fire against every sexual abuse in my dream in Jesus name.

27)By fire by force I arrest wicked negotiation of my testimonies through sexual dreams and food in dreams in Jesus name


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