Psalm‬ ‭58:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬
“As a snail which melteth, let every one of them pass away: Like the untimely birth of a woman, That they may not see the sun.”
Snails, Crabs, Tortoise and Millipedes are slow reptiles.
This is the spirit that brings unnecessary delays, discouragement, procrastination ,frustration, and even stagnation into your good plans and projects.
This type of spirit retards progress , stagnate lives and destroys destinies. This is the reason for the sluggishness being experienced on that Project.
If you have an expectations concerning an application and you suddenly have this dream you must pray to arrest disappointment.
1)I command the Spirit of the snail and tortoise projected against my progress to catch fire now in the name of Jesus.
2)Every power that has vowed that I will labor in vain somersault and perish in Jesus name.
3)I command Every covenant of failure operating in my life, to break by fire, in Jesus name.
4)Every power of Almost There BUT Never there surrounding my life and destiny, die by fire, in Jesus name.
5)Every Spirit of Mount PISGAH saying that I will see the promises of wood but not enjoy you are a liar fall and perish in Jesus name.
6)Every power of crab causing delaying and imbalance in my life catch fire now in the name of Jesus .
7)I command the arrows of delay and denial fired into my life to backfire now in Jesus name.
8)Every curse spoken over my life causing inexplainable delays over my matter be broken by fire in Jesus name.
9)I command Every spirit of sluggishness and backwardness in my life, receive the fire of God and be destroyed now, in Jesus’ name.
10)You strongman of my fathers/Mother’s House supervising Delays and Frustration be roasted now by fire in Jesus name.
11)Every satanic scheme used to divert good things away from my life be destroyed now in the name of Jesus.
12.)I bind the spirit of almost there and the spirit of promise and fail in Jesus name.
13)Every demonic road block put on my way to breakthrough scatter by fire in Jesus name.
14)Whatever evil has been done against me using the snail , be neutralized now by the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus.
15)Every agents of delay in my life I release the fire of destruction upon you in Jesus name.
16)Every idol of my fathers house strengthening Delay catch fire in Jesus name.
17)Let the bulldozer anointing of Isaiah 45 rest upon me now in Jesus name.
18)Anointing of God to run through the troop and leap over the walls of Obstacles possess me now in Jesus name.
19)Holy ghost fire(3x) break every covenant of delay operating in my life through the snail spirit or curses and covenant in Jesus name.
20)By the authority of heaven I command every virtue and goodness of my life delayed anywhere, to be released by force in Jesus name.
21)I silence every voice of darkness speaking negatively against my progress with snail shell in Jesus name.
22)Everything in and around me that is cooperating with the spirit of the snail to delay me, be uprooted in Jesus name.


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