The above set of dreams is a clear indication that you are been harassed by the spirit of backwardness, anti-progression and regression. The implication is that you may end up not moving up in the ladder of life.

In other words, you may be stagnated in one position for years while others are gaining promotion and favours.
When you see yourself in your old school or village, it could mean that the source of your problem is rooted in this places.


You need spiritual aggression so as not to compromise your future.

Take time out for a prayer exercise for at least 3 days with fasting. Go to a camp or a mountain, If however you think you can maintain your focus in your room without distractions, then you can make do with your home.


Recite the following prayers while you are on the 3-day prayer program.


  1.  Oh Lord! I have come to you the rock of my defence, defend me today…7x
  2. I hide myself in the cleft of the rock of ages, let me be secured…7x
  3. Oh Lord undertake for me, from my adversaries by fire in Jesus name… 7x
  4. Oh Lord, turn me into hot coals of fire against my adversaries …7x 
  5. Oh Lord, let your angels be on assignment to fight my battles now … 7x
  6. I refuse to lose in the battle of life …7x


  1. I pursue all my stubborn pursuers with thunder and fire in Jesus name…7x
  2. I command all Egyptians to fight against the Egyptians in Jesus name…7x
  3. I send divine confusion into the midst of my pursuers in Jesus name…7x
  4. Oh Lord order your terrible noise against my stubborn pursuers in Jesus name…7x
  5. Oh Lord arise and let my enemies be scattered by fire in Jesus name…7x
  6. Catapult me Oh Lord to your mountain of victory.



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