Ripe fruits represents the season of harvest, breakthroughs and testimonies, but when you harvest rotten fruits, it is bad, because the spoiler has made useless your blessing. This is the activities of devourers, emptiers, wasters, and amputators of testimonies. It is time to get mad in the spirit.


  1. O Lord let heaven preserve my harvest in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every power, polluting my blessing and strangulating my joy, die by fire in Jesus name
  3. Power that wants to destroy my great harvest die by fire in Jesus name
  4. I command every evil touch upon my good harvest which is meant to corrupt it to be neutralized in Jesus name
  5. I spoil the spoilers, I devour the devourers and empty the emptiers in Jesus name
  6. Holy Ghost fire, preserve my harvest ofb testimonies in Jesus name.
  7. My blessing shall not be corrupted in Jesus name

It is time to get mad in the spirit.



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