• Let me remind you that man is a Spirit having a Soul and living in a Body.
  • It has been observed that over the years Dreams have been interpreted from the three dimensions of the tripartite man. Spirit, Soul or Body.
  • Therefore the subject can sometimes become too wide for proper comprehension except we discipline ourselves to focus on the root of mankind which is the spirit and the breathe of God almighty.(Job 33:4)
  • Consequently, we have taken the Bible as the Basis for our Interpretation. The Bible is the body of work on Dreams and interpretation from where we draw our direction and guide which is the well of our salvation
(Isaiah 12:3)
  • When we interpret in the light of scriptures we draw from the well of salvation and from the dimension of the spirit.
  • MEANING OF COLORS in your dreams
(Ezekiel 1:28)(Rev 17:4)(Gen25:25)(Isaiah 1;18)(Ezek. 8:2)(Rev 4:3)(Prov. 23:31)(Gen 37:32)(Rev1:15)(Gen 37:3)(1chronicle 29:2)(Job 30:30(Song of Solomon 1:5)(5:11)(Isaiah 63:2)Mathew 16:2)(Nah 2:3)(Exodus 28:31)(Psalm 23:2(2Sam 1:24)
The color grey Is a sign of lack of commitment.
The sign of uncertainty and mental denial.
Symbolizes the Word of God, purity, divinity, salvation, truth, atonement, redemption.It also a sign of intuition.
This is the symbol of light and purity. It speaks of youth, happiness, the harvest, hospitality, love and benevolence. But since it is also taken as off-white, it can be the color of degradation or cowardice.
It can also represent Faith and the Glory of God, anointing, joy.
Symbolic of endurance and strength. Orange is the color of fire and flame. It represents the red of passion tempered by the yellow of wisdom. It is the symbol of the sun.
Also represents the Fire of God, deliverance, passionate praise.
Green symbolizes the breaking of shackles, freedom from bondage. It is the color of fertility. In the Christian context, it represents bountifulness, hope and the victory of life over death.
It is one of the colors associated with Christmas, and the long season of the Trinity in summer.
It also symbolizes praise, growth, prosperity, new beginning, flourishing and restoration.
Signifies action, fire, charity and spiritual awakening. It also symbolizes the sun and the joy of life and love.
In the Christian symbolism, it denotes Holy Spirit.
It is the color of Pentecost.
It also represents the Blood of Jesus, love of God, blood of lamb, atonement, and salvation.
Said to represent the absolute, constancy, eternity or the womb. Black may also denote death, fear and ignorance. Black is the liturgical color of Good Friday.
Black also Represents the feeling of depression, Negativity, fear, resentment, anxiety and guilt .
Black can also represent darkness, sin, Earth, affliction, humiliation, calamity, death and mourning.
Brown is symbolic of the earth and was often
the color of a monk’s robe, signifying humility and God’s connection with the commonplace and the ordinary.
It can also symbolize the End of season, rags, people, pride, weary, faint.
Blue signifies the blue skies or the life-giving air and often signifies hope or good health.
It is an alternate color for the season of Advent.
It also represents Heaven, the Holy Spirit, authority.
White is a symbol of Purity, virginity, innocence, and birth. White is the liturgical color of Christmas and Easter.
White can represent the prophetic grace.
White color when alone can represent a controlling attitude, a rigid and judgmental attitude which spikes immaturity.
It can also represent the Bride of Christ, surrender, harvest, light, righteousness, conquest, victory, blessedness, joy, angels, saints, peace, completion, and triumph.
Purple speaks of fasting, faith, patience and trust.
It is the liturgical color used during the seasons of penance; Advent and Lent.
Also represents Nobility, Royalty, wealth, Spiritual-Leadership. It also suggest Authority in Spiritual matters, Priesthood, kingship and mediator.
Represents the matters of the heart and Right relationship with God.
Represents Empathy and Acceptance. It also represents maturity and Harmony.
It represents the Glory of God, judgment upon sin, endurance.
It represents Royalty, fine linen for tabernacle
Represents Glory, divinity, kingship, eternal deity, foundation, altar, beauty, precious, holiness, majesty, righteousness.
It is the color of New birth, multiplication and overflow.
Law, commandments, grace, the Holy Spirit and divine revelation.
It represents the River of God, sanctification, healing and New Jerusalem.
MEANING OF SOME Events/OBJECTS in the Dream:
Ants also symbolize hard work, diligence, cooperation and industry. Increase business activities are expected. On a less positive note, ants symbolize social conformity and mass action.
In this regard, you may feel that your life is too structured and orderly.
According to the biblical interpretations, ants symbolize diligence concerning the things of God. Despite its small size, the ant lays up substance during times of plenty. (Prov 30:2)
But an invasion of ants is a sign of trouble to come.
Sign that those you trusted will soon betray and become treacherous.
Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are feeling neglected or that your feelings are being overlooked. Perhaps the dream is a metaphor that you need to approach life with “reckless abandon” and live more freely.
To abandon others in your dream suggests that you are overwhelmed by the problems and decisions in your life.
It means that you have to be careful and be security conscious.
To dream of being abducted indicates that you are being manipulated by your circumstances or by someone. You are not in control of your own life.
To witness an abduction in your dream signifies feelings of helplessness.
To dream that you are abducting someone implies that you are holding on to something that you need to let go. You may be forcing your views and opinions on others.  
To see an accelerator in your dream indicates that you will achieve your goals through your own efforts. The dream may also be telling you to slow down.
To dream that the accelerator is jammed or broken indicates a loss of control in some aspect of your life. You maybe trying to rush through things. 
To dream of a car accident symbolizes your emotional state. You may be harboring deep anxieties and fears. Are you “driving” yourself too hard? Perhaps you need to slow down before you hit disaster.
You need to rethink or re-plan your course of actions and set yourself on a better path.
Dreaming that someone is injured in a car accident means that you cannot control the action of others. They have to live with the consequences of their own decisions.
To dream that a loved one dies in an accident indicates that something within your own Self is no longer functional and is “dead”.
It is also symbolic of your own relationship with that person. Perhaps you need to let go of this relationship.
If you dream that you die from the car accident and actually see the reactions of your loved ones, then it suggests that your reckless activity is affecting those around you. This dream is a wake-up call.
Spiritually, the implication is far reaching.
An accident in the dream that took a life means that the enemy is about to take something that you treasure.
Deliverance and total liberation.
Scaling greater Heights of new levels and new seasons.
But when you miss your plane it is bad because it means you are missing a vital season.
When plane crashes it means destiny is bungled.
To see apples growing in a tree in your dream symbolize knowledge, wisdom and great prosperity. Rewards are on the horizon for you.
Consider also the common phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” which may imply that you need to take better care of your health.
To dream that you are eating an apple denotes harmony, pleasure, and fertility.
To see green apples represent developing love or love that has yet to blossom.
To see rotten or eaten apples in your dream, indicates that whatever you are striving and aiming for may not be fulfilling, and even harmful to you.
It may also represent neglect and carelessness.
If you dream that you are picking apples, then it implies that your hard work and dedication will pay off.
Means progress is under siege. There is urgent need to initiate a spiritual onslaught against wicked aggression and sieges.
Represents marriage and the home. Represents comfort and rest.
Lost and Untidy bed May suggest trouble in marriage due to lack of intimacy.
May represent new project and ventures. May underscore the importance of care and Nature of a project or assignment.
For expectant couples, sometimes this may be pointing to the activities of strange or spiritual children and the need for deliverance Prayers.
If your bank officer is happy with you it is a sign of financial harvest. But if the reverse is the case it could mean a warning not to take a loan or a sign that a credit facility may end up becoming a problem with your bankers.
Bag or Baggage
When your bag or baggage is brand new,it suggests Blessings in your Business and or Marriage.
But if your bag is missing in your dream it is a sign that problem will ensue.
If your bag fell and the content of your bags spilled over, Then an embarrassing situation is in the offing if you don’t pray to avert it.
Which the Bible refers to as the girdle for the loins.
The belt represents defense and preparation.
When the belt is missing it means complete lack of preparedness on a matter. It means ones defense is completely eroded.
Bible talks about losing the loins of kings in Isaiah 45 on behalf of king Cyrus and the gates shall not be shut.
Classified as both bird and rat. It represents you dealing with someone with a dual character.
Bats have very strong sense of sound and fly at night without hinderances. This may be referring to your intuition as a person.
Bats always hang upside down meaning that it has a reverse image of life. If you see a bat hanging in your dream it could mean that you should look at the matter from a reversed perception.
Bats are unclean birds that must not be eaten, may be this is what gave birth to myth about the bat being Evil. Unfortunately it has been discovered that bats are used by the dark powers as agents since they a birds of the Night. I have been in crusades where group of bats were sent to attack the congregation but we took authority against them .
Therefore seeing group of bats in the dream must be taken seriously.
Bulls are animals with enormous power and stubbornness. When you are pursued by a bull in, your dream it a sign of stubborn witchcraft attack.
Psalm 22:12 refers to the strong Bulls of BASHAN but this bulls have mouth like ravening and roaring Lions.
Being caged in a dream is a sign of Spiritual bondage, Slavery and servitude.
In Christianity cat Represents Witchraft attacks.
This is one of the animals frequently used by witches especially in the African and Asian continent.
A brand new car represents a new venture or Project that must well taken care of.
A car with problem represents an assignment that must be overhauled through divine intervention.
Is a pointer to the fact that you need to stay alert of your time and season like the sons of Issachar.
Seeing a calculator in, your Dream may be referring to your accountability on a matter.
This is a sign of untimely death. It could also point to the fact that the enemy wants to take something valuable from you.
Seeing yourself sitting on an exalted seat is a sign that God is about to settle you on a matter. It also could suggest promotion.
If the chair is in your home then God is fighting for you and no man can uproot you from your home.
check the meaning of Coffin.
Being chased means there household enemies, unfriendly friends, intimate enemies, strange and hidden covenants or foundational issues to deal with in your life.
Cheque book
If you are looking for your Cheque book it is a sign of impeding financial difficulties.
If your children or one of your children is always missing it means you need to pray against kidnapping, drugs, untimely death, evil covenants etc.
When you are in a classroom writing exams that you have passed in real life. This is demotion.
When you are told to move to a higher class then rejoice your promotion is here.
If you are climbing with difficulty. It is a sign of the activities of anti progress forces. When you climb with ease then God is intervening concerning your progress.
See meaning of calendar.
If you are properly dressed. It represents that your glory is in place. But when you are naked or dressed shabbily there is an attack against your glory.
In Christianity, roaches in a dream are associated with the spirit of poverty and the waster spirit.
They also represent misfortune.
When are you Killing cockroaches in a dream it signifies that you have successfully overcome a financial problem in your life.
See meaning of colors.
This is a reptile that lies patiently under the water waiting for its prey. They represent hidden battles. People who pretend to have forgiven you but are waiting for your unguided hour to strike.
This is also a smaller reptile which changes its color to blend with its surroundings.
When you see a chameleon regularly it means you have to do a forensic audit of your friends and associates because someone is betraying your trust.
It may also be helpful to ask yourself if you are not struggling to blend with everyone instead of just being yourself.
When you are enveloped in thick darkness. Trouble is looming. It could also mean that you are spiritually blind on an issue. Your lack of progress may be due to confusion and lack of divine direction.
When a dog bites you it is an attack against your progress by Witchraft powers.
Bible refers to it as the Power of the dog in psalm 22:16-20
If the door is shut against you then their are adversaries to deal with in prayers. When you encounter opened doors then get ready for opportunities and breakthroughs.
Represents the Holy Spirit and the presence of God.
It a symbol of ancestral powers.
Eating food in the dream means manipulation of blessings, Hijack of Prospective Breakthrough, Satanic Initiations and pollution of Spirit.
However if you eat fruits in your dream like apple, water melon, oranges it is a sign of health and healing. It could also mean that your harvest is here.
Just like the nine fruit of the Holy Spirit, eating fruit may mean spiritual, empowerment by the Holy Spirit.
Represents divine acceleration.
You are about to be tested by God in your area of strength. At other times the enemy may be attacking you to bring you back to, status quo if you find yourself writing an examination you have since passed.
This represents defilement and pollution.
It is the spirit of the dung hill that seeks to rubbish glory, star, destiny and efforts.
Falling down from a great height is a sign of demotion.
Experiencing slipperiness is a sign that there will be difficulties in your present assignment.
Seeing expanse of green farm land is a sign of fruitfulness and Harvest. But seeing uncultivated farm land is a sign of not being committed to your assignment. However When you see destroyed farm land it is a sign that you are not protective of what God has given you.
Fighting with strange people in your dream is a sign of spiritual warfare with enemies of progress or impeding setbacks. However if you are involved in a fight and had victory then success is guaranteed.
Flies represents decadence and decay. It also represents the power of darkness especially when they appear in the form of an invasion.
Fruit is a sign of sound health. It also represents fruitfulness or harvest. But eating UNRIPE fruit is bad. You are breaking rules that has repercussions.
Further more if you are a committed Christian it may suggest the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Dreaming about generator symbolizes energy and zest. It means that one is adequately motivated and driven.
Dream of a Stolen or damaged Generator means that
You are about to experience a setback in your endeavor. You will need to buckle spiritually.
Going back to school.
Going back to school may be good if it is a school higher than what you have acquired in real life. It is pointing to the need for an upgrade.
But if you find yourself going back to a school that you have in real life graduated from then it spells backwardness.
What happened to the wedding gown in your dream is very important. If you are not married in real life, the wedding gown is stolen in the dream it means you need to pray against spiritual powers hindering your marital Destiny.
If you are married in real life then seeing your wedding gown in the dustbin or stolen is a pointer that if don’t step up your spiritual life you may lose your marriage.
Seeing yourself at the grave yard is a sign that something you treasure is about to die in your hands.
Being dead in your dream suggests that your glory is under severe attack.
Seeing dead people in your dream is a sign that you need to break the yoke of untimely death.
Seeing your dead relatives could be pointing to a familiar Spirit or an ancestral spirit that you need to break away from.
Hair is a symbol of glory. When you hair is shaven in your dream it is a sign that there are battles arrayed against your glory.
Seeing your hair growing again is a sign of restoration.
Grey hair in the dream is a sign of longevity.
Good and bountiful Harvest is a sign of great reward coming to you.
Rotten or dwindle harvest means the enemy is attacking your results and rewards.
When a woman loses a precious bag in her dream means you are about to lose something you treasure that can have untold hardship on you.
Losing a valuable handbag may be pointing to a misfortune ahead. The loss of a bag may also be referring to marital destiny.
It depends on the type of insects you see in your dream. Ants are a symbol of industry, organization and intelligence.
Ants invasion is a symbol of spiritual warfare.
Bees producing honey is a good sign of a Testimony ahead. But Bees locating you and wanting to sting you is not a good one. What has been giving joy is about to revolt against you and bring pains.
Bug represents association that are simply leaching on you and not mutually beneficial.
Spider represents association that strangulates and is very toxic.
Butterfly Represents metamorphosis. Growing from one phase to another.
Cockroaches represents the infestation of unclean spirits.
Seeing yourself in a Jail in the dream is bad. It means stagnation. Hijack of progress. It means destiny has been paused.
When you are washing your bathroom and toilet it means deliverance and healing.
Seeing yourself in a Jet is a sign of lifting to greater height. But missing your flight is not good. It means a great disappointment and set back.
When you are given a lot of expensive jewelry. It is a sign that your financial breakthrough is on the way.
But if your box of jewelry is missing then you need to watch and pray.
Seeing yourself in a strange court being judged by a judge and jury spells impeding problems.
When you find yourself lost in a jungle. It means you are about to make a major decision yet you do not have the requisite information to assist you to navigate your way.
If you find anything that you treasure in a dustbin then there is going to be a challenge. For instance seeing your wedding gown in junkyard suggests that your marriage will suffer. Seeing your school certificate in a dustbin suggests demotion or devaluation.
When you are given keys it suggests open doors and Breakthrough. When you lose keys it means the exact opposite.
Laboring like a slave in your dream is bad. It means someone else is getting your Reward. We may need to look at some unbroken evil covenants.
If you are climbing a ladder with ease. It means that your promotion is certain. But when you see a broken ladder then there is a problem.
When an African sees lantern in his dream. It may suggest monitoring activities of the enemy.
Light shining on your path represents a breakthrough idea and divine direction.
When someone is being pursued by an angry man with Machete. This represent the activities of destiny destroyers.
Seeing maggots means death and decadence
Eating UNRIPE mango is like eating the forbidden fruit because you are breaking some known rules.
But eating, a ripe fruit is a sign of harvest and breakthrough that is due.
Nail represents Witchcraft sponsored problems that are fastened in a sure place and must be removed spiritually.
Seeing yourself naked, it means that disgrace and embarrassment is pending. It could also mean that glory is endangered.
Seeing yourself in another nation suggests that there may be a connection or it is your place of assignment.
At other times .God may be passing a national information to you.
Seeing your own obituary is bad. Something ominous that can lead to the loss of life is about to happen. Same as seeing yourself putting on mourning clothes or talking to dead relatives.
Onion is a good food item. It represents healing and deliverance.
It also points to different virtues and potentials waiting for manifestation.
Points to Prosperity and vitality. However a rotten orange is a sign of impeding health or financial problem.
Always seeing yourself in a party in your dream with unknown faces feasting and drinking may suggest hidden covenant especially where most of the people including yourself are putting on regalia.
At other times having party in the dream may be a sign of celebration and jubilation on the way .
Parking Ticket.
You are likely going to be penalized for your action or inaction.It may also suggest a temporary set back.
Seeing padlock represents hinderances. Seeing padlock of your business premises is a sign of challenge in your Business. It may also be a pointer to the lock up of destiny and Progress.
When you receive an undisclosed package in your dream.It means some events are about to happen in your life which you have no clue .
When you RECIEVE a good package then testimony is on the way.
Palace is a symbol of wealth, Nobility, Authority and Governance.
If you see yourself well dressed in a Palace then get ready for a sudden turn around.
But if you are being away from the palace it is a bad dream. It means demotion and disgrace.
If you find yourself paralyzed in your dream,it a sign that your destiny is under severe attacks.
When you have a passport in your dream with or without a visa, it suggests a new opening of opportunities. A passport with a visa is a sign of an open door. But if you find your passport inside water or buried it means there is a problem with your efforts to move to a new level.
If you are quarantined in your dream you are very likely going to experience some restrictions in whatever project you are handling.
Being in a long queue in your dream represents delay. When you find yourself in front of the queue then it is your turn.
Putting on rags in your dream is a sign of financial hardship.
Rain fall in your dream is a sign of open Heaven. But a destructive flood is definitely a bad dream because it means that loses and destruction is imminent if you don’t arrest it.
Rainbow is a sign of peace .
It a sign that the the second coming of Christ is fast approaching.
Why you taken off or did you miss it?
Seeing an invasion of rats in your dream means financial hardship or Poverty. It suggests all manners of losses. Rat is a symbol of sickness.
Rats are wasters and Emptiers .
These birds are scavengers but God used it to cater for his prophet Elijah.
While it represents death and decadence in the dream. However it may be a sign of mysterious provisions if the Raven has a flower in it’s beak.
When you are duly recognized for Honor and dignity in your dream,It is a sign of great things to come.
Seeing snakes in your dream, is a sign of deception. You are being deceived on an issue presently. Also it is a sign of serpentine and marine manipulations and attacks.
Seeing yourself in a school that you have since graduated from, is a sign of backwardness. But an upgraded school is a sign of growth.
When you always see yourself inside the ocean, and your see beautiful city it is a sign of marine connection.
Walking on the crystal clear sea where you sea the fishes may be a pointer to your Prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit.
When you see a scaffolding in your dream it represents access to new heights just like the ladder.
To dream of a table represents awareness of options. Noticing everything that possible or available to you. Also consider the saying “putting everything on the table” or “putting all your cards on the table.” Full disclosure of all facts. Full truth revealed.
Tail represents the lowness of a person or condition. An aspect of your life that has become an embarrassment.
When you see Tailors sowing clothes for you.Ask yourself how good and valuable are the clothes. It may also suggest the need to adjust an aspect of your personality.
Full Teeth in your mouth represents your voice and authority.
To dream of teeth represents your vitality and self-confidence.
A reflection of how good you feel about your physical appearance, talents, or anything that gives you status or power. 

To dream of teeth falling out represents a loss of power, confidence, or self-esteem in some area of your life. A corrosive situation or feelings of a loss of vitality. Dreams of teeth falling out are common to people aging or who feel they are losing their looks. It’s also common to people who are losing money, a career, or status of some kind.
Represents connection or communication.
To dream of talking to the president of another Nation is a sign of an opening in that Nation. Losing your mobile phone is bad it means you have lost communication. People may no longer respond to you as you expect.
Being in the midst of a tempest May represent an ancient battle. Tempest represents the spirit of anger and rage.
Eating or growing Tomatoes in the dream refers to health and healing. But when you have to deal with rotten tomatoes it means your health is about to suffer a down turn.
Train may refer to a spiritual journey.
Getting off a train in the Dream May mean taking break from a decision or a philosophy.
Traveling in a train that eventually stopped may be referring to a relationship coming to an end.
Speaking in tongues represents the enduement of the gift of the HolySpirit in your life even may be not yet fully expressed.
Seeing several tongues in your dream May represents network of conspiracy against you.
Being properly covered under an umbrella in your dream represents a spiritual covering that is intact.
But if your umbrella is leaking or won’t open it means that your spiritual covering is not available.
The question is who is your spiritual father and your covering.
Going up the stairs in your dream means improvement and achievement. And going down the stairs means that you have some not to comfortable issue you need to deal with.
Planting vegetables in your dream may be pointing to the need to take time to improve on your health.
But harvesting bad vegetables is a sign that you have neglected your health.
Vehicle in your dream represents some level of progress in life. The type or the condition of the vehicle in your dream implies different things.
A car having problems with the engine is a pointer to the fact that there is a mobility problem.
Being under a veil in your dream means that you are being concealed. A case of Covered up glory.
Seeing yourself back in the village in your dream means that there is an unfinished battle from your village. There is need to deal with ancestral powers.
This is a scavenger. Seeing this bird in your dream is a sign that the enemy wants you dead.
A garden in your dream represents an assignment that you are very committed to. The state of the garden or vineyards is very important in your dream.
Vinegar is a very bitter drink that was given to Jesus whilst he was on the cross and asked for water.
Vinegar represents people paying your good with evil.
Dreaming of walls represent obstacles or barriers.
War in the dream represents battles of life.
Watermelon in your dream represents health.
Good weather in your dream represents a favorable condition. Stormy or windy weather represents resistance to life and progress.
When you dream of getting married to a strange person. It represents an hidden covenant that must be broken.
Weeping in your dream means you are about to lose something very valuable.
When you fetch from a well in your dream. It means prosperity.
When you see in your dream that you are seeing weeds growing massively in your,garden.
It means that you will experience resistance either spiritually or physically.
Huge Yams in your dream is a sign of great harvest. But rotten harvest is an attack against your reward and results.
The dream of a zebra means balance. Zebra don’t take kindly to domestication. They are unique.
It means you are being reminded of your uniqueness.
Your emotional, stability and mental fortitude.
1)Pray for 21days
2)7 night vigils.
3)3days with fasting
1)O lord my God invade my dream life with your fire of deliverance in Jesus name.
2)O Lord my God, I receive the grace and the ability To encounter my life transformation dream and visions the night in the name of Jesus.
3.Lord, I thank You for his precious gift of dreams of my life and destiny. I bless Your most Holy Name.
4.Father, Your Word says that when I lie down, I shall not be afraid and my sleep shall be sweet. (Prov. 3v24). Therefore, I pray that everyday of my life, my sleep shall be sweet and blessed in Jesus name.
5.I receive the grace and ability to sleep and wake up in Jesus name. I rebuke every spirit of sleeplessness in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
6. I reject and rebuke every spirit of fear sent to me during my sleep in Jesus name.
7. Lord, as I lie down everyday to sleep, I shut the gates and doors of my sleep and dreams against the devil in Jesus name.
8. I restrict and forbid evil movements of wicked spirits that manipulate and influence my dreams negatively. Jesus Christ says “in my Name, you shall cast out the devil.” In the most potent and powerful name of Jesus Christ, I cast out every demonic and evil spirit sent on assignment to frustrate my life through evil dreams and evil actions.
9. Two cannot walk together unless they agree (Amos 3v3), therefore I disconnect myself from wicked spiritual personalities of evil dreams and covenants in Jesus name.
10. I sanctify everywhere and every place I lie down to sleep with the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.
11. I sanctify every material I lie down to sleep upon with the blood of Jesus Christ. 12. As I lie down to sleep, let the light of the Almighty God overshadow me and destroy every darkness around me in Jesus name.
13. All generational, ancestral and family strongholds, covenants and evil influences of my maternal and paternal lineage which are frustrating my star, destiny and purpose in life through evil dreams, I command now, let the fire of the Holy Spirit torment and destroy you now out of my life in Jesus name.
14. I release the fire of God to burn every ancestral or generational material or connection to evil dreams in my life in Jesus name.
15. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I break every covenant and agreement of evil.
16. I overcome family and ancestral powers and evil by the blood of Jesus Christ.
17. I cover my mind with the blood of Jesus Christ. I forbid every negative and demonic influence over my mind. I declare that I have the mind of Christ in Jesus name.
18. In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid and render powerless, any evil spirit sent to work against my mind and prepare it for evil dream.
19. I free my mind from evil thoughts, imagination and words sent to attack my mind in preparation for evil dreams in Jesus name.
20. I pull down every stronghold created in my mind for evil dreams in Jesus name. I cover my mind with the blood of Jesus Christ.
21. In the name of Jesus Christ, I disconnect myself from human satanic agents who are influencing evil dreams in my life.
22. I take authority over the spiritual atmosphere of my environment, my habitation, my financial and marital destiny in Jesus name.
23. I take authority over every cell, organ and system of my body. I forbid and rebuke any oppressive spirit from having dominion over them in Jesus name.
24. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I rebuke every marine spirit and spiritual personality sent on assignment against my dream life. I nullify their influences, attacks and manipulation in the name of Jesus Christ.
25. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I receive divine healing and restoration of any cell, organ or system of my body which the devil has affected in dream.
26. I scatter and put to flight every evil and satanic gathering summoned concerning me, let them be as chaff before the wind, let the angels of the Lord chase them; let their way be dark and slippery and let the angels of the Lord pursue them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
27. By the anointing of the Lord, I destroy every yoke of Satanic and evil dreams that are holding my life and destiny hostage. I disconnect myself from every effect of such yokes in Jesus name.
28. I release the fire of God to burn into invisible ashes, any evil covering which the devil is using to cover my blessings through evil dreams and arrows in Jesus name.
29. All evil and satanic arrows sent or fired at me in dreams from the time I was born, I render you powerless now and I return you back to the sender in Jesus name.
30. I regain and recover my financial blessings now in Jesus name. Every of my money being spent in dreams by demonic personalities through oppressive reverse representation, I recover them now for the gifts of God are irrevocable.
31. I recover my financial empire and glory now by the authority of divine Abrahamic covenant (Deut. 8v18).
32. Wherever the spiritual equivalent of my money is being kept in the dark and wicked world of the spirit, I command now, in the name of Jesus Christ, let the angels of the Lord recover them and bring them to me now in Jesus name.
33. Any evil dream spirit assigned to my ancestral lineage and which has also been dispatched to me and my lineage, by the fire and power of the Holy Spirit, be rendered powerless and turned back from me now from in Jesus mighty name.
34. I renounce and reject any name which the enemy has assigned to my personality and which is used by the enemy to afflict me in dreams.
35. I cover my real names with the blood of Jesus Christ and I take authority over my names. I forbid the enemy from manipulating my names for attack in dreams in Jesus name.
36. I reject and command for total destruction, any personality using my names in dreams for evil agenda in Jesus name.
37. By the power of Jehovah Sabbaoth, the Lord of war, I reject any evil food introduced to me in dreams in Jesus name.
38. I refuse to eat or swallow any evil food or drink given to me in dreams in Jesus name.
39. I vomit spiritually, every evil and satanic food or drink I have swallowed in dreams in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
40. By the healing power of the Holy Spirit, I receive healing in all organs of my body of any disease, ailment or medical condition caused by eating evil foods in dreams. By the stripes of Jesus Christ I was healed. I declare that I am wholly healed in Jesus name.
41. Lord, by the power of Your spirit, I reject and rebuke every spirit of sexual perversion sent on assignment to me by the devil in Jesus name.
42. I rebuke every power of the marine kingdom of spiritual sexual assault and spiritual control in Jesus name.
43. I take divine authority over my sexual organs and systems; I forbid any influence or attack in dreams from the marine powers and personalities in Jesus name.
44. I command total healing of any part of my sexual system that the enemy has attacked or oppressed by the power in the blood of Jesus.
45. I break and totally destroy all strongholds of the marine dream and vision killers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
46. Lord, I receive grace for victory over the powers of evil dreams in Jesus name.
47. I receive fresh anointing to fulfil my divine dream and destiny in Jesus name.
48. I receive fresh authority over all the powers of evil dream personalities in Jesus name.
49. I receive fresh grace and mercy to dream divine dreams of glory, honour, success, wealth, breakthrough, deliverance, family glory, restoration, peace, joy, happiness and fruitfulness in Jesus name.
50. Thank You, Father of all graces for the victory and deliverance You have given to me over Satanic/evil dreams in Jesus name


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