I have a “Dream-testimony” which i believe is a “token for good” that our 5 Sessions of Prayer warfare have not been in vain!
I will just give you an abridged version for the sake of brevity on WhatsApp space.

My wife & i found ourselves in my late Eldest brother’s house.
I found myself sitting IN THE LIVING ROOM, but my wife was sitting in an adjoining room.
On my far left, near the window was my late brother, going up & down with a chore that I don’t remember; but sitting BESIDE me on a 2-seater sofa was his wife.
Suddenly i looked at myself & realised that i was STARK NAKED! I was aghast & immediately turned my back to her. Then i asked myself HOW COME i am sitting here naked?
Then i got up ANGRILY and said: “What nonsense is this? This is the last time that i will ever again appear naked in a public place”. I stormed out of the living room, to adjoining room where my wife was sitting to go & find my clothings.
Right beside her, hanging on a straight-back chair, i found & began to wear my underwear-(pant & singlet) with a conscious intention to wear my dress in full-(i had a mental idea of where it was)…end of dream.


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