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How To Navigate And Benefit Maximally

Welcome !!!
Welcome to this site. We are very much excited to help you maximize your spiritual and Dream experiences.

Now the site is loaded with a plethora of extremely useful information but you might require some help to navigate your way.

How to Navigate and maximize your time on

It is advisable that you take time out to pray on this issue of your concern. Three Night Vigils or Seven days of Prayer and fasting is strongly recommended.

Search for the desired topic or word on the search icon.

Click on the relevant topic.

Meditate on the short teachings and allow the HolySpirit to beam his light upon your spirit.Make sure you handle the prayer as your last assignment for the day before you sleep.

Pray the Prayers aggressively and violently in the light of Mathew 11:12.

Keep a dream journal by your Bedside so as to record your dream(s)

When you wake up, Please sit up and remember your dreams in order to jot them down.

Get the proper interpretation of the dreams that you recorded. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further help.

Kindly consider supporting this site with your Miracle-Activation Seed.

Our prayers,
May the HolySpirit of God take you into a deeper and more fruitful Dream and Spiritual Experience that will birth awesome breakthroughs and turn around in Jesus name


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